Order of the Crescent Moon

Adventure out of Left-Field

Session 1

PCs were traveling in a caravan traveling towards Hollyhead, unfamiliar with each other and passing the time listening to a Dragonborn academic instructing children on Elifor’s history. Despite that, Fizzle attempted to tie the laces of Lily, despite the fact that Lily didn’t have laces. Lily rewarded the silly action with a fake trip. Soon after, they heard panicked screams coming from the marshy area to the north. Lily and [Erradhel] took the initiative to head off the path to investigate. As the others followed, Roscoe told Krek the mercenary escort to continue without them and that the group would try to catch up.

The group was able to track the source of the screams and found one Liam Trower being dragged away by three goblins. Erradhel attempted quick shots on the goblins but it mostly alerted the creatures to their presence. Two pulled out shortbows and fired on the group, hitting Lily and Talon. One ran towards the group as it pulled out a blade. Talon viciously mocked the goblin, reminding it of its mother’s disappointment, sapping the energy out of the charge. Lily leapt into action and scored a critical hit on the goblin as she quickly passed, cleanly beheading it. Fizzle, hiding behind her, amplified his voice and terrified the remaining two goblins as Roscoe ran up to them. His first attempts to hit them were unsuccessful but he soon landed a blow which knocked one to the ground. It tried to flee and got some distance away before Erradhel landed a precise blow and it fell dead with an arrow in the back of its head. The remaining goblin also tried to flee but Roscoe reacted quickly, knocking it to the ground. The group decided to tie it to a tree and then head on.

Liam told the group that his traveling party was attacked and his charge, Leenala, was taken by goblins, and that she is the daughter of the mayor of Hollyhead. The group doubted his telling of the events but did not press him. They continued onward, following the general heading of Liam’s guidance.

The group found a cave entrance with clear signs of recent activity. Erradhel had the main group hang back as she checked the entrance for danger. As she snuck forward she was unaware that a worg and goblin rider on the hill above the cave had noticed her. The group did see this, however, and Lily issued a forceful challenge to the worg, who turned its attention to her. The group all attacked, causing some damage to the worg. Roscoe managed to leap and kick the goblin clean off the worg, suffering a severe bite from the worg in the process. Fizzle used the opportunity to create an illusion of the goblin behind the worg, distracting it long enough for Erradhel and Talon to finish it off.

The group entered the cave and immediately split up to explore different paths. Roscoe and Erradhel followed a gentle glow and were surprised by a group of Fire Beetles. They were easily dispatched however and Erradhel managed to find a chest. Lily, Fizzle, Talon, and Liam went down another path. They saw torches and what seemed to be a larger chamber. They decided to double back to the others rather than risking a larger confrontation. After regrouping, the party moved on and came across an alcove with a sleeping goblin. They party decided to move ahead quietly. Fizzle opened a chest which contained some money and a rusty dagger. She gave the dagger to Roscoe who decided to double back and deal with the sleeping goblin. The dark alcove made it difficult to deal a clean blow and the goblin woke screaming. Roscoe tried to muffle it as he dealt a few hard blows to finish the job. Unfortunately the noise alerted 3 goblins further down the path who charged the group. Lily threw magic missiles, hitting all three and killing one. Roscoe leapt over Fizzle and eliminated the second. Erradhel was ready for the third to turn a corner and finished it off. The party stopped here before continuing on.


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