Order of the Crescent Moon

Arrival in Hollyhead

Session 3

○ During the night, Erradhel heard rustling outside of the camp and Fizzle was alerted by her Alarm spell that something had broken the perimeter. A hungry and scrappy looking wolf had caught scent of the food and was whining. Erradhel carefully gave morsels to him throughout the night and found him in the morning curled alongside her. She decided to name him Rune and to train him as a companion.
○ The party went to work dividing up the spoils from the cave battles. In order to confirm whether the wooden box was free for the taking, they asked each of the victims if there was anything of value they were missing. They told the party that since it was mainly a business trip and were not transporting wares, little was taken aside from coin. Confirming that the owners of the box was a mystery, they tried to open it. It would not open for them and the only marking was a phrase in an unknown language. Fizzle and Talon recognized the language as Celestial, but could not read it. Roscoe decided to hold onto the box for now and they would investigate in town.
○ They continued forward and came to Hollyhead. The wolf attracted the attention of the gate guard but a perfectly timed Mage-Hand-wet-willy by Fizzle distracted him enough for the group to enter town without trouble. Since Liam needed to deliver Leenala to her father immediately, he told the party to join him. They waited in the lobby of Alwin Greywhisper’s house as Liam went in with Leenala to explain what had happened. Alwin did not know of any problems yet since there hadn’t been time enough to think something had gone wrong. He was very grateful to the party and asked for them to name a way to repay him. Erradhel asked if they could be provided lodging for a few days; Alwin was happy to help arrange them with a letter to the Red Berry Inn for food and rooms for three days. He also gave them 100 gold as a reward. He did act very concerned about the lack of presence of the Blue Cloaks and cut the meeting short, asking them to meet again after their noon meal. On their way out, Liam recommended It’s Awl-Right as an alternative if they want something less fancy.
○ They looked for a temple on the way to the inn so they could find a priest to translate the box’s inscription. Coming to a temple to a god of nature, they talked to a priest and asked him to look at the box. He was able to tell them that the inscription reads “Gift of Ioun” and seems to contain magic. He handed the box to Talon who immediately had a vision of the orc invasion and of an Elf woman in armor watching for another danger from the desert. Talon’s immediate thought was that he had been chosen by the gods to unite the races. The priest’s interpretation differed, stating that the beginning may have been of the past invasion, but he doesn’t know what the rest means.
○ The party continued on to the Red Berry Inn where they were strongly advised to partake of their rooms’ baths before entering the dining hall. They cleaned up and enjoyed a delicious meal while looking over the other patrons. They decided to head back to Town Hall to talk to the mayor again. When they arrived they overheard the end of a conversation with Harann Nemmonis, captain of the local Blue Cloaks. Alwin was furious that the Guard did not know about the goblin problem and taken care of it. Harann was defensive but concerned, stating that they had not received the weekly report from Fulrad Tower. The party entered the room and Alwin dismissed Harann to investigate into Fulrad Tower’s situation.
○ Alwin then talked to the party about the box, which he was responsible for transporting from Hildebrand to Ironwood. He was just the middleman to deliver the box to Chancellor Tarathiel and is terrified of being responsible for its loss. The party revealed that they had obtained the box during the rescue and turned it over to Alwin. He was not willing or able to divulge more information about its contents, but he was very grateful for its return.
○ Harann returned and announced that, according to a reporting soldiers report, Fulrad Tower was overtaken by rebels from the Rundor group. Alwin was about to dismiss the group to try to handle the situation when he stopped. He told the party that since the mercenaries had not been able to do their job, and because the guard is short-handed due to the imminent visit of Chancellor Tarathiel to Ironwood, he would be more confident in asking this party to go and investigate the events at the tower. He just wants to know the severity of the situation and to be able to prepare reinforcements with information when they come. The party agreed and made plans to head out. The mayor gave them some payment in advance to aid in stocking up, which the party did at Cogs and Bogs, buying some supplies for their trip out.
○ By the time the party made their way to Fulrad Tower it was evening. They snuck their way to back end of the hill without being spotted. Fizzle sent his familiar, a hawk, to scout out the tower. He was able to get a sense of the situation around the tower, seeing a couple dozen humans and elves. The party then stumbled across the bodies of Imperial Guard soldiers which had been thrown over the edge of the cliff. They realized that this group of Rundor were willing to go to violent measures for their goals of freeing the land of Imperial presence.
○ A plan was made to send Talon ahead to talk to the couple guards at the bottom of the hill’s slope, along with Fizzle’s hawk familiar. He would pretend to be just a wandering bard curious to see if any at the tower were interested in a performance. He cast Friend on the one guard in a bid to convince him, which worked well enough to allay suspicion for the minute of the spell’s duration. The guard’s told him to get out of there, bragging about their killing of the soldiers but not wanting him to get involved. Talon walked southward, away from the rest of the party, and managed to get a short distance before the guard realized he had been charmed. Talon realized this from their yells and took off running with them in pursuit. He had managed enough of a lead, however and they lost interest.
The party made their way to Talon in the darkness, trying to keep quiet. They decided to wait for an hour to avoid any lingering attention before heading back to town to report. They swung wide around the front of the tower and tried to hug the back of the hill. Unfortunately, the rebels had spotted them and gave parting shots towards the running group. A few were hit but Talon was worst injured by an arrow critically wounding him and nearly knocking him unconscious. It took till late in the night, but the group made their way back to town and collapsed into their beds at the Red Berry Inn.


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