Order of the Crescent Moon

Success in a Goblin Nest

Session 2

○ The party continued to search ahead in the large room. Seeing movement in a pile of rags, Erradhel swung her short sword and managed to kill a sleeping goblin. As the party moved down a small path, Roscoe checked out a side room, finding a fine wooden box among what seemed to be the spoils of the goblin raid on the caravan. He grabbed a torch off the wall before rejoining the group.
○ Lily took the front position into a small side tunnel and did not notice the cloth stretched across a hole. She fell down into a pit and was swarmed by rats. They did not manage to cause her any harm, however and the party joined together in trying to take them out, some by torch and others just with weapons. After dealing with the rats, Roscoe proceeded to try a tiny goblin tunnel but turned back when it seemed to continue too far.
○ The group decided to follow what seemed to be the main path heading downward. It opened up into a large cavern with natural pillars. The entrance to the cavern was had torches facing the group. The rest of the room was dark. The group snuck ahead and spotted a goblin boss and a few other goblins. Roscoe snuck to one side behind crates and the group prepared to attack together. Talon utilized faerie fire, giving the party a clear sight on the main goblin group and advantage in their attacks. Despite a few initial misses, the party managed to drop the two goblins by the boss quickly, largely from the ranged attacks of Erradhel and Fizzle, preventing him from using them as shields. One goblin snuck out of a secret tunnel behind Roscoe and Talon moved over to aid him. Another goblin snuck up on Fizzle, hitting him with an arrow, but Fizzle was able to dispatch it with a magic attack.
○ The goblin boss moved towards Roscoe and Talon, taking a hit from Erradhel on the way, but Lily moved in front of him and began slicing in. Suddenly alone and nearly surrounded, the goblin boss turned and ran towards cages with the captives, seemingly intent on using them as leverage. Lily managed an attack of opportunity which crippled it and Talon gave it the hallucination of strange music. This spooked the goblin boss severely enough and added to his panic, causing him to sprint blindly and crash his head fatally against the wall.
○ The group managed to free the prisoners and search the room for treasure, finding coin and other miscellaneous items. They disarmed a cage trap and verified that there were no more goblins waiting to pop out of holes. They rescued Leenala, a halfling merchant, and human merchant. They told the party that two mercenaries had been swarmed first and killed before the rest were dragged away.
The party decided that, since it was now too late to proceed to Hollyhead, it would be best to make camp alongside the main road. Fizzle cast Alarm and summoned a familiar before bed, the party talked for a few minutes, and then they went to rest for the night.


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